General questions

What is Thumbs Up Discounts, and how is it different from other discount fundraiser programs? Thumbs Up Discounts (TUD) is an out-of-the-box tool for non-profit groups to raise significant revenues by selling discount cards that can be used at participating local merchants. The organization simply sells the cards to customers who wish to receive discounts all over town, and they get to keep a large percentage of the price of the card. Unlike other fundraising programs, TUD has a variety of merchant types so you're not limited to selling just candy or candles. The customer can access almost anything they want with this program.

For merchants, accepting this out-of-the-box discount program is a very inexpensive way to build customer loyalty without the expense of building a program from scratch. For little or no out of pocket expense, a merchant can participate in the program and start building stronger customer base almost right away.

Merchant questions

How do I become a participating merchant?

See the Contact Us section and send us an email with your contact information. Allow 3 (three) business days for response. We will contact you and go over the easy steps required to become a participating merchant. We'll answer any questions you have, arrange to meet so we can sign the simple contract, and deliver your participating merchant sticker to your business.Is there a fee to be a participating merchant? We're confident you'll see the benefit to your business and this fee will be a non-issue for you. Remember, we're taking care of producing and managing the cards, finding organizations to sell the cards, some types of advertising for participating businesses, management of the website, and many other administrative costs. The fee will be fully discussed when we sign your contract. Are there other fees involved to participate? The answer is generally "no." However, there are few things that could require an additional fee. For instance, we charge $10 in order to change your offer or logo mid-contract. Typically, you won't change an offer during the contract so this won't apply. When you renew your annual contract and pay the annual fee, changes to the offer and logo are part of the renewal process and don't have a separate fee. Other types of customizations may be available and may have associated fees. Talk with us about what you want and we'll see if we can do it and what the fee would be.

Fundraiser questions

How do I become a participating fundraising organization? See the Contact Us section and send us an email with your contact information. Allow 3 (three) business days for response. We will contact you and go over the easy steps required to become a participating organization. We'll review what programs we have available and find one that fits your needs. Our sales team will work with you to make sure you can maximize the benefit to your organization. This program is really already built and we just have to plug you into it.

Is there a fee to be a participating fundraising organization?

There is no fee to be a participating fundraiser. However, if you want customized Thumbs Up Discount cards or other special services, there could be a fee for those things. If you want these specialized services, all fees will be fully discussed in writing before anything happens. For many organizations, however, who want the core program as it is there is no fee to participate in the program.

What are the requirements to be a fundraising organization in this program?

You must be a non-profit organization of some sort; such as a church, school, organization at a school (band group, for instance), community organization, charity organization, etc. If you are unsure if your organization qualifies to sell the cards, simply contact us via email and we'll discuss it with you.

How do we sell the Thumbs Up Discounts cards?

Your organization's members simply offer the cards to family and friends. If you do other methods of selling, like door-to-door, it is your responsibility to ensure you comply with any local ordinances or other regulations regarding such activity. For instance, some cities require a permit for door-to-door selling. You are solely responsible for understanding what rules govern your activity, and for any fees required to do it (e.g. fees to acquire a permit).

What are the Benefits to selling the Thumbs Up Discount cards?

Since this is an out-of-the-box program, there is no or little set up or out of pocket costs for your organization. Also, the sales price of the cards is low, and the potential value of the card (how much a customer can use it) is very high. Unlike selling candles or chocolates, a customer can buy a card and use it at a multitude of businesses for many products and services.

How much money can I raise selling the TUD cards?

It's hard to say how much your can raise, since this depends on your motivation and how hard you get out there to sell the cards. If you don't sell them, you don't make money! For each card you do sell, you get 60% of the value of the card ($6 for each $10 card, or $12 for each $20 card, etc.). Regardless of the value on the front of the card, a valid non-expired card has unlimited use at participating merchants.

Discount card holder questions

How do I use the Thumbs Up Discount card?

Simply present a valid card to the participating merchant to receive the discount. No coupons other devices are necessary. Just present the card to the cashier. It's that easy.

How much and what type of discount do I get at a merchant?

Merchants have a lot of leeway in what they offer to cardholders. Some merchants may post the discount inside their store, otherwise you can call them or just ask them when you pay your bill. Many merchants, especially restaurants, offer 10% off the ticket price (before taxes and tip, of course), but that is not a hard and fast rule. Some may offer more and some less. Some merchants, particularly service merchants, may offer a fixed dollar-off discount (such as $25 off cleaning services). Merchants may have restrictions on the use, such as a maximum discount, or a minimum purchase to receive the discount.

You can also go to the thumbsupdiscounts.com website to see the offers for all currently participating merchants. Your discount card as well as the window stickers on businesses have a handy QR code on them which you can scan with your smart device and go right to our website (or just type in the website address!). Once on the site, you can easily search for the merchant you want to know about.How do I know if a merchant takes the card or not?

Merchants are provided a window sticker that should be displayed at the business, typically on an external door or window. The sticker clearly indicates that this business is supporting local non-profits and accepts the Thumbs Up Discounts card. You may have to ask the merchant what the discount is (or go to the website as indicated above), since not all merchants post the specific offer at their shop.

How long is the card good for? Will I have to buy another one?

The card is generally good for 12 (twelve) months, with the expiration date clearly printed on the front of the card. When the card expires, you will need to get a new one. You can contact the organization you bought the card from, or you can purchase one online.

How much can I use the card?

You can use the card an unlimited number of times for an unlimited amount of discount savings at participating merchants as long as the card is not expired. The dollar amount shown on the front of the card is the purchase price of the card. You should not pay more than this amount for the card. It does NOT limit you to how much you can use the card!

Where can I use the TUD card?

Thumbs Up Discounts has participating merchants in the area where the cards are sold, but we are expanding rapidly! As we add new cities and states, you can use your card in those locations just like you do at home. Search our merchant database by merchant type and/or location from the home page or by Clicking Here!