Who We Are

Our mission is to provide a cost-effective discount program to local businesses to help them attract new customers and enhance relationships with existing ones. We accomplish this lofty goal by partnering with non-profit and charity organizations to help them raise money by selling the program's discount cards.

What We Do

Thumbs Up Discounts is a novel way to help drive new customers to local businesses, as well as a way to help repeat customers become even more loyal. Participating merchants offer a discount to valid members of the TUD program. Discounts could be anything from a flat percentage off a purchase, a fixed amount off a purchase, or most any other type of valuable offer. Most common is the 10% off a the total purchase price (before taxes and tip, of course), but merchants are allowed to determine what they will be able to offer.

How We're Different

Thumbs Up Discounts partners with local non-profits and charity organizations (NPO's) to help them raise much-needed cash. NPO's do this by selling the TUD cards to people who want to take advantage of the discounts. The cards are sold for a fixed price ($10, $15, or $20) and generally have a 12 (twelve) month expiration date on them.Anyone who buys the card from the NPO for the fixed price on the front of the card has UNLIMITED use of the card while it's valid at any merchant currently accepting the program. Just present the card to the merchant to receive the program's benefits. It's that easy!

The organization selling the cards keeps the bulk of the purchase price. It's that easy. It's what we do: BRINGING BUSINESSES AND NON-PROFITS TOGETHER!